That perfect yard, the gorgeous house, and of course the white picket fence.  It’s been a part of what ‘home and family’ has meant for generations, but once you have that white picket fence up, you have to care for it.  With the help and advise of we’ve compiled a list of things you’ll need to have and know to take care of that fence of yours, and make your beautiful dream realized, a beautiful dream that lasts. Step 1- Maintain That Paint Job The paint on a fence is more than just decorative, it actually serves to help protect the material of the fence from rot (if wooden) or corrosion (if metal).  So if your paint seems to start fading or you see chips or cracks in it, it’s time to repaint!  Sand down the rough spots, wash down the fence, and once it’s dried repaint it.  You can do a simple retouching, but that will often leave different colored splotches on your fence from where the paint didn’t weather the same.

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