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Many of us were told growing up to ‘sleep tight, don’t let the bed-bugs bite’, and for most of us hopefully that was an easy instruction to follow.  Bed bugs are an irritating, obnoxious pest that once it gets into your home, and bed, it can be difficult to get rid of.  If you find yourself the victim of a bed-bug infestation, it’s best that you visit this site to reach out to a pest control specialist. However, there are some measures you can take, but you must be careful and very thorough.

Clearing The Way By Clearing The Room

Like many things in life, clearing away unwanted pests requires getting rid of unneeded clutter.  Start by simply throwing away everything you feel you can live without, it’s going to be a hard enough fight without hanging on to things you can do without.  In the process be sure to clean up, pick up, and organize, it’s going to be a necessary part of your process.  

Moving Your Items Can End Up Being A Vector For Bedbugs

If at all possible, move the things you don’t need out of your house via a window, or select the shortest possible route outside.  Those items you’re clearing out of your life can serve as a ride for these pests to other parts of your life.  This is especially important if you’re getting rid of your mattress, which is the best solution if it’s suffering from a heavy infestation.  Wrap it up in an airtight mattress bag before transporting it out of the infested room, get rid of it if you can, steam it with a bed-bug steamer if you can’t. 

The Things You Own, End Up Owning You

This can be especially true with a bedbug infestation.  Get rid of everything you can as most garments, bedding, stuffed animals, and other toys and items can’t be treated with insecticides effectively or safely.  Keeping them is just going to invite bedbugs back into your home as they burrow their way back out of the deep recesses of these items. If you MUST keep these things, be sure to treat every crack and crevice of them if you hope to prevent a re-infestation.

Where Can They Wind Up?

Here’s the honest truth, bedbugs are tenacious sneaky little vermin that will get into every available nook and cranny in an attempt to survive the purge and return to haunt you another day.  If it’s dark, hidden, and hard to get to, you can pretty much guarantee that your buggy “friends” are going to find their way in.  Look for them in places like:

1 – Upholstered Furniture: Warm, safe, and with plenty of places for them to hide and get away from your best attempt at treatment.  Be thorough with these.

2 – Baseboards: See all those tiny cracks and recesses where it doesn’t QUITE reach the wall?  Or where the paint has cracked and split?  Yep, they’ll get in there.

3 – Every square centimeter of your bed:  The frame, the screw-holes in the frame, the legs, the cracks in the headboard.  The tiniest cracks are their reservation.

4 – Paintings: Yes, we know. They’re high up on the wall and nowhere near your bed, TREAT THEM ANYWAY.  They’ll hide in the frame, behind the backboard, in with the painting itself.

Call The Professionals

Really, the best way to handle an infestation like this isn’t doing it yourself. Call a pest control expert to see your way clear of it. They’ll know all the places they have to look, and will treat even the tiniest areas of your home to get rid of the infestation.


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