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It’s part of the dream of a beautiful home isn’t it? That perfect yard, the gorgeous house, and of course the white picket fence.  It’s been a part of what ‘home and family’ has meant for generations, but once you have that white picket fence up, you have to care for it.  With the help and advise of we’ve compiled a list of things you’ll need to have and know to take care of that fence of yours, and make your beautiful dream realized, a beautiful dream that lasts.

Step 1- Maintain That Paint Job

The paint on a fence is more than just decorative, it actually serves to help protect the material of the fence from rot (if wooden) or corrosion (if metal).  So if your paint seems to start fading or you see chips or cracks in it, it’s time to repaint!  Sand down the rough spots, wash down the fence, and once it’s dried repaint it.  You can do a simple retouching, but that will often leave different colored splotches on your fence from where the paint didn’t weather the same. For this you’re obviously going to want to have some paint and a few brushes on hand.

Step 2 – Keeping The Damage In Check

While you’re checking over your fence for paint deficiencies, be on the lookout for damaged areas of the fence.  Damage in fences tends to lead to additional damage as areas of exposed woods can attract ants and termites, or just absorb moisture from the air.  The metal can also become corroded from the weather. Be sure to repaint over the repair job!

Step 3 – Keep Clean Under Pressure

There’s nothing like a solid cleansing to keep your fence looking in peak shape.  Pressure washers are an excellent tool for this job, and can cleanse off caked dirt, mold, and some stains.  It can also help strip away weakened areas of paint, showing you where you’d need to repaint the fence.  The resulting clean fence will look absolutely beautiful and almost like new.

Step 4 – Keeping It Sandy

If you’ve had moisture damage, whether to a metal or a wooden fence, you’re going to want to sand it down.  The oxide from the metal and the instability of brittle wood both lead to the same issue, a surface that won’t hold the paint and seal properly.  So make sure the surface is smooth when you’ve found damage, and seal it back up after.

Step 5 – Keep The Fence Clear of Corrosives Or Harsh Chemicals

There’s other things you have to consider when working to keep your fence up and looking great.  Insecticides and fertilizers alike can have harsh chemicals in them that will damage your fence.  Try to stay clear of your fence when applying these, and if you must get close to the fence be sure to wipe it down afterward applying the chemicals.

Step 6 – Inspect, Repair, Repeat

One time around is never enough, you need to make sure that you continue to check in on your fence and see that its maintenance is kept up.  Every few months give your fence a thorough inspection, and it doesn’t hurt to give it a simple once-over every week.  This attention to detail will ensure that your fence remains a beautiful part of your home for years to come.

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