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When a hot water system ends up being blocked, the entire property has to face the brunt of this problem. Hot water systems often run under the radar and only become a noticeable issue when they are not working. This is why it is always encouraged to regularly check up on them for any sort of ‘wear and tear’ that might be taking place under your nose. What if the hot water system is not working as required and there is potentially no hot water and/or limited hot water coming through? What is the best way to repair or check up on this problem? Below are some hot water repair tips you can try on your own.
Check for Airlocks
water heaterThere are times when air can get into the piping and start to cause problems with the hot water. This is where it is important to remove the airlock as quickly as possible before the pipes end up bursting from the increases pressure being put on them. What is the right way to get rid of the airlocks? It might be good to let the water run and/or block the taps for a few seconds. This shoots a bit of extra pressure up the pipe and opens up the airlock (if the issue is not severe). Always check for these airlocks first and foremost.
Check Valves
If there are valves in place, it is important to have a look at them. If they are starting to become damaged, the hot water is also going to become restricted and hard to access. It is essential to have these valves running in tip top shape at all times before the damage is worsened and it becomes a harder fix for all parties involved.
Make sure the valves are working as they are supposed to be giving them a tweak. If they are not in place properly, they will start to wear away at the seams and cause damage to the rest of the hot water system (i.e. blocking pipes).
If the valves are fine and there is no airlock, it can often come down to the vents that are creating the pressure being used to produce hot water in the first place. If the vents are not cleared out and there are blockages in place, the hot water is going to get blocked as well. It is important to have a look at this immediately and remove any type of blockage that might be present with both the vents and the pipes.
It is always best to have a look at the problem on your own, but in the end a professional is often the best choice. The reason for this is simple, a specialist will not only be able to repair the problem in a timely fashion, they will be able to ensure there are minimal issues in the future with preventative work being done. It is these little details that help understand the benefits of going with a high quality, proven professional with years of experience dealing with hot water systems. To know more about on how to prevent future clogged  heaters, click here.


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