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Solar energy lighting is one of the most commonly installed types of solar energy, and this article discusses several different options for solar energy lighting, both for the home, and for municipal uses.

Solar Energy Lighting

Solar power is fast becoming the number one source of renewable energy in today’s world, and one use of the many types of solar solar lightingenergy, which can be installed by the likes of companies such as Solar Panels Melbourne, without a complex solar energy system, is solar lighting.  Solar lighting uses solar power, or energy from the sun, as its direct source of energy.

Solar lighting is wireless, immune to power outages, and produces no pollution.  Outdoor solar lighting is cost-effective and nearly maintenance free, after the initial installation.  Solar lighting works at night, and on overcast days by storing up solar-energy in a long-life battery.  Solar lighting is a great solution for very remote areas, such as very rural communities or parks, where connection to grid power may not always be an accessible or reliable option.  Solar energy lighting is also a good solution for outdoor events, such as sports games and outdoor fairs.

Solar Energy Lighting for the Home

Outdoor solar lights for the home can be used to light walkways, provide light for lamp posts, and can be used as security lights.  Some lights come with a separate solar panel that needs to be placed in a sunny location, while other lights are self-contained units that needs to be placed in a location that receives optimal hours of sunlight per day.  Solar lighting provides a way to give more ambient or decorative lighting to the outside of your home, without increasing your energy costs.  Solar holiday lights are also available for outdoor decorations.  Solar lighting can also be provided for inside the home, with a panel that is placed outside the home in direct sunlight.

Solar lighting can also be used to provide light for a shed, storage area, or outdoor workshop, even if the area is not wired for electricity.  Solar skylights are another option for indoor solar lighting, although these are a little more expensive, and require professional installation.  Solar skylights are like traditional skylights, and are installed into your home’s roof, but they are different in that they use mirrors to reflect and concentrate sunlight to light the inside of your home.  Because of the mirrored system for concentrating sunlight, solar skylights are able to provide more light and for more hours than traditional skylights.  You’ll want to read the manual or any information about solar lighting products you’re considering before installation.  A local solar services company is another great resource for finding the best solar lighting option for your home.

Solar Energy Lighting for Municipal Purposes

Solar lighting has many municipal uses as well.  Solar lights can be used for outdoor events, sports events, and even to run street lamps.  Solar street lamps are like most other large street lamps, except they also have a rechargeable battery, controller which determines the charging and lighting schedule, and solar panel which powers the lamp.  There are many advantages to using solar lighting for municipal purposes because it does not contribute to pollution, it can be used easily in rural areas, and they are low maintenance with minimal operating costs.  They can be more expensive up front than a traditional electric-powered street lamp, however, the investment in recouped in the form of energy cost savings.

Consulting a local solar services company is a great resource for learning more about solar energy lighting, or discovering what solar energy lighting solutions would work best for your home.

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